Kale. Simply.

I would like to share with you my favorite way to prepare kale.  There are five ingredients.  It takes very… Continue reading »


Roast Those Root Vegetables And Then….

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought”  ~Wallace Stevens I had the pleasure of celebrating the summer solstice… Continue reading »


Grilling Cabbage – Round 2 – Ding – Ding…

If you haven’t heard, bok choy is a cabbage.  I usually incorporate it into a stir fry some how but… Continue reading »


Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Have To Cook With Me…

This morning I was freakishly excited to pick up my first CSA box of the season.  I was so excited… Continue reading »


Attack Of The Healthy Flapjack…

Weekend mornings in our house usually involve flapjacks a.k.a. pancakes.  We have played around with different recipes for some time… Continue reading »


Think Outside The Mac N Cheese Box…

I know that a box of macaroni and cheese is a fast and easy part of life for many families… Continue reading »


When Life Deals You Beets, Make Borscht…

Disclaimer: this is not your Grandmother’s borscht.  This is not my Grandmother’s borscht.  This may not taste like any borscht… Continue reading »


Two Little Pumpkins Sitting In A Dish…

Tonight’s recipe was a ploy, really. My thought was that if we made this extra special pumpkin soup together that… Continue reading »


Fast Food For Real…

This was my lunch today.  It was born of simple facts.  I had left over thai food in the refrigerator… Continue reading »


Good For What Ails You…

There has been a bit of a lack of cooking going on around here lately.  It’s unfortunate since the fridge… Continue reading »